Marking and Feedback Policy – Discovery


Marking and Feedback Policy – Discoverers



Review Date

April 2020

Review Cycle


Review Due

April 2022

Author / Owner

Hannah Parry




Marking complements and assists teaching and learning. It serves as a tool for assessing individual and school performance. Marking should be diagnostic and inform pupils of the next steps needed in their learning in order to improve their work. Marking will also provide focused feedback on the learning objective / success criteria for that lesson whenever appropriate.

This policy clearly outlines our intention for teacher marking based on the curriculum area being taught in.

The Nature of Marking

  • All work should be marked in line with the school’s policy.
  • Marking should be constructive.
  • Marking should be done by the teacher or TA’s to:

               -   indicate achievement in relation to the learning objective/success criteria;

               -   show pupils how they can improve their work, and

               -   show pupils how they have improved compared to earlier / previous work.

  • As a result it will:

             -     where relevant enhance the pupil’s self-esteem and confidence;

               -     aid teacher assessment , and

               -     help pupils, where relevant know how they can improve their work.



This can take the form of a discussion about work and / or a comment about the quality of work in relation to the success criteria. It provides direct contact with the pupil(s). It is appropriate for all pupils to receive verbal feedback and for some pupils, along with gesture or signing, it is the most comprehensive and meaningful method of receiving feedback. A verbal exchange may be accompanied by a written mark or e.g. a VBL to represent verbal feedback, which serves as a record that the pupil has received feedback. In some cases it may be helpful to add anecdotal notes to explain the context in which the work was done.


This is notes or comments accompanied by the use of symbols, stamps or stickers.

Notes and comments identify what pupils have been able to do in relation to a target they are working on or a specific learning area and help to inform the next steps needed to make improvements.

Written comments should be dated and initialed by the member of staff completing it and accompanied by a code (see below) that clearly identifies the level of support or prompt the pupil received to complete the work.

Codes for Annotating the Level of Support / Prompts

I = independent

VBL = verbal support (this is giving contextual clues, not mouthing the answer)

VS = visual support

GS = gestural support e.g. signing, facial expression

PPS = physical support e.g. hand over hand or physically moving the pupil to enable them to undertake the task

FPS = scribed by an adult but pupil’s own words


This is written through photos and write-ups. Write-ups are used throughout the pupil journals to demonstrate the learning that has taken place.

  • It will relate to the specific learning outcome(s) that is the focus for the lesson. A member of staff will scribe and record the response on a write ups. This is often accompanied with photographs.

These write-ups also form evidence for EHCP progress and specific learning target progress.

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