Home Learning

We see home learning as important to:

  • Develop reading opportunities and skills.
  • Provide an opportunity for either independent or supported learning at home.
  • Help pupils understand that extra study can result in higher achievement.
  • Help parents / carers feel more directly involved with their child’s progress.
  • When necessary assist in meeting the demands of the school’s external accreditation programme.
  • Raise self-esteem and confidence.
  • Support achievement of targets within their Educational Health Care Plan (PPT’s) and additional therapy programmes. 
  • Work closely with parents /carers in the development of self-help and independence skills and in the management of behaviour, where consistency between home and school is especially important.


Consists of:

Home Reading: Share books and stories, reading opportunities, rapid reading.

Develop Maths Skills: Relevant classes

Spellings: Relevant classes

Targeted joint work towards specific EHCP targets


Explorers and Seekers Curriculum

We feel it is important for all parents and families to be fully involved in sharing and supporting the learning that their child undertakes at school.  With this in mind all pupils will be provided with a home/school book in order for communication to be passed on daily.

Parents/carers will receive regular information with suggestions of play activities that can be done at home with their child, and this will further support the areas we are developing in class.

Enquirers Curriculum

In response to parental willingness to support their child in completing additional learning at home, class teachers will set tasks each week in the form of spellings, reading or activities related to the topic being studied.   Where possible, more than one night will be given to complete the tasks to give families some flexibility. We would not wish to put any pressure on parents /carers to ask for home learning.

Discoverers curriculum

All parents/carers are encouraged to read and play with their children. Activities may be sent home to share from time to time or families may be requested to support their child’s learning by sending in objects or photographs from home in connection with a specific topic. Teachers are always willing to give advice on ways of extending learning at home and will send specific materials if requested. The development of communication skills is a priority for all pupils. For those pupils using specific programmes such as Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECs) and sentence books, parents/ carers may be asked to extend this technique into the home environment.