Religion and World Views  


  • Provoke challenging questions about the ultimate meaning and purposes of life, beliefs about God, the self and the nature of reality, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human;
  • Develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of Christianity, other principal religions, other religious traditions and non-religious worldviews such as Humanism.  Nurture pupils’ awareness and understanding of beliefs.
  • Encourage pupils to develop their own sense of identity and belonging, to enable them to flourish individually within their communities and to act with personal responsibility.
  • Offer opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual development, encouraging pupils to develop the ability to be still, to think deeply, to reflect and to appreciate times of stillness and silence;
  • Challenge pupils to discover and reflect on issues of truth, values, belief and faith.

BCP Locally Agreed Syllabus, Any Questions

We offer our pupils bespoke learning opportunities that allow them to access our Religion and World Views curriculum through multi-sensory and kinaesthetic learning activities, by using differentiated, visual learning resources and through the use of storytelling. This allows our pupils to develop their understanding of religion, religious views and religious concepts.

Curriculum Intent

Explorers and Seekers

Pupils have the opportunity to engage appropriately for their level in ‘thought of the week’ sharing stories and experiences.  Pupils have lots of opportunities to experience awe and wonder through regular community visits.


Pupils will benefit from learning opportunities which allow them to engage with religious, moral and spiritual stories and to name key religions, figures and symbolic objects. They will be able to name their own beliefs and recognise that others may have differing beliefs. They will be encouraged to retell religious, moral and spiritual stories.


Pupils will benefit from learning opportunities which allow them to retell religious, moral and spiritual stories, describe the key figures, symbols and practices of a variety of religious, humanist and secular beliefs. They will be encouraged to develop their understanding by asking questions about religious beliefs and practices and on a variety of world views.


KS 4

Pupils will benefit from learning opportunities which allow them to ask questions about religious beliefs and practices and on a variety of world views. They will learn about the impact of religious and secular beliefs on the lives of individuals and communities and be able to compare and contrast evidence of religious and secular beliefs from a range of sources.


Right of Withdrawal: Parents have the right to withdraw their children from Collective Worship, R.E. lessons and associated activities. You are invited to discuss any concerns with the Head teacher. Please contact the school office or ask for the withdrawal of your child in writing.

Vincent Saunders, R.E. Lead



Cycle 3: Example of Subject Intent linked to Thematic Learning



Wonderful World: Learning about being special: Special me, special town and special world. Learning about being special through the story of Buddha. Introducing Buddhism as a belief.

Pupils provided with varied, dynamic and differentiated learning materials that encourage them to explore a range of beliefs.

Work produced each week evidenced through pupil files of work, photographs and learning journeys.

Content of individual lessons observed on a regular basis through the school provision monitoring system.

All pupils:

Participate in Religion and World Views lessons for 1 hour a week.

Engage in acts of daily collective worship driven by the Thought for the Week.

Develop their SMSC knowledge.


Treasure Seekers: Learning about the value of life, valuable objects and valuable people. Learning about the value of Jesus to the world. Introducing Christianity as a belief.


Home- Sweet- Home: Learning about what religion looks like in the home. Introducing Islam and secular beliefs and continuing to develop an understanding of Christianity.


Roots – Shoots – Muddy Boots: Learning about the Garden of Eden, The Tree of Knowledge and The Bodhi Tree. Continuing to develop and understanding of Christianity and Buddhism.


BEE Happy: Learning about the dietary laws that govern religions. Learning about vegetarianism and veganism. Continuing to develop an understanding of all faiths and beliefs.


Winning and Losing: Learning about the key characters and stories from the Old Testament and their historical context. Introducing Judaism and developing humanist beliefs.


Cross-curricular Links

How does RE support this?

English Skills



Development of religious specific vocabulary

Development of storytelling skills

Regular speaking and listening activities

Maths Skills


Understand object permanence

Understand time








British Values


Social: Interact with and help each other and exploring the world around us.

Moral: An understanding of feelings and emotions, identifying what is right and wrong.

Spiritual: Evoke emotions of awe and wonder, learning to respect ourselves and others.

Cultural: Learning about the life of religious figures, historical facts and religious festivals.

Recognizing that Britain is a multi-cultural society, that discrimination is unacceptable and that all beliefs are valid.


Extended Opportunities/ Celebration:

  • Weekly assemblies covering religious and secular celebrations
  • Guest speakers and visitors from all faiths and beliefs
  • Community visits to sites of religious significance
  • Thought for the Week, a time if reflection and discussion. For further information see document below.

See our newsletter archive for information on school visitors and 'special days' that enhance the pupil's understanding and interest in our Religion and World Views Curriculum.

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