Satellite Provision


From September 2019, Winchelsea School has been delivering satellite provision in a number of local mainstream schools. We are now working in collaboration with Kinson Academy (Ambitions Academies Trust), Canford Heath Junior School (TEACH Trust), Old Town Infant School (Coastal Learning Partnership) and Magna Academy (Aspirations Academies Trust) to provide a learning environment for two classes within each school which matches the provision available in classrooms at Winchelsea School. The purpose of this guide is to clarify what the satellite provision will offer and the criteria set out for identifying pupils placed in the satellite class.  


The aim of the satellite provision is to create a learning environment, which provides the following:

  • A replica of the style of classroom provision found at Winchelsea School
  • Access to high quality, specialised teaching, resources and support which meets the needs of all pupils
  • The opportunity for pupils to develop their social and communication skills in a safe and secure environment.
  • The opportunity to receive the combined benefits of specialist provision and mainstream provision on a daily basis.
  • The opportunity to participate in activities on the Winchelsea School site on a regular basis.

The satellite provision has not been designed as a means to remove children from the roll of Winchelsea School and place these children in a mainstream setting. Children who are allocated a place at either satellite provision will remain on roll at Winchelsea. These pupils  will not be added to the pupil roll of the host school. At any given time, pupils may need to change class in line with current practice at Winchelsea School. This may mean a child may subsequently access their provision on site at Winchelsea School in the future. These decisions are based solely on the needs of the children. 

Admission Criteria

The admissions arrangements which have been determined for Winchelsea School by the Local Authority apply equally to those pupils allocated a class at Winchelsea main site and those pupils allocated a class at either satellite provision.  Once a pupil has been admitted to Winchelsea School, it is for the Headteacher of Winchelsea to determine the best location for that pupils’ education, be it at the main Winchelsea site or one of the satellite provisions.  

All pupils who access provision from Winchelsea School must have a current Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). This includes those pupils accessing the satellite provision. All pupils who access provision from Winchelsea School must have Winchelsea School named as their school setting on their EHCP. This includes those pupils accessing the satellite provision. The school identifies the most appropriate class for every individual child based upon a number of factors:

  • Chronological age
  • Specific type of SEND need
  • Most appropriate curriculum style
  • Speech, Language & Communication need
  • Social skills
  • Current levels of academic progress and development 

Pupils allocated a place in the satellite classes are determined by all of the factors above but with additional factors:

  • Ability to access a mainstream setting.
  • The need to develop language skills in a mainstream environment.
  • The need to develop social skills in a mainstream environment.
  • The availability of an appropriate peer group.
  • An academic level that may be appropriate within mainstream provision. 

From September 2019, the allocation of an appropriate class has included our satellite provision. These satellite provisions are not separate entities. These classes are regarded in the same way as each class located at the Winchelsea School site. The decision regarding which class all pupils are placed in lies with the Headteacher of Winchelsea School.

The decision to place a pupil at a satellite provision does not lie with the host school.  

Key Features

All pupils placed in a satellite classroom will have access to the following:

  • A bespoke classroom setting which replicates those found at Winchelsea School.
  • A qualified, specialist teacher and support staff.
  • A class of between 8 and 12 pupils.
  • Access to a bespoke play area.
  • Access to the mainstream play areas when appropriate.
  • On a weekly basis, all pupils are taken to the Winchelsea School site for some aspects of their provision. This will ensure they remain a part of our whole school community.