Physical Education

‘We believe that physical education is of huge importance in a young person’s development both physically and emotionally.  Physical education has proven benefits on well-being, confidence, cooperation, self-discipline and strengthens peer relationships.’ 


  • All pupils access physical activity in a meaningful way.
  • Physical Education enables our pupil’s to develop a range of knowledge and skills relating to all aspects of physical development (healthy eating, muscle development, fitness, sportsmanship and fair play).
  • Physical Education is fun and enables our pupil’s to develop a passion for sport and activity and the means to explore this further with our wide range of extended opportunities
  • Positive attitudes towards physical activity, health, hygiene and fitness.
  • A sense of fair play and sportsmanship.
  • Communication skills – both encouraging the use of correct terminology and to promote effective co-operation.
  • Working towards independence and leadership.
  • Opportunities to take part in competition both intra and inter school.
  • The ability to remember, adapt and apply knowledge, practical skills and concepts in a variety of movement based activities.


Curriculum Intent


Development of fine and gross motor skills – improving core-stability and engaging in opportunities to improve health and physical well-being.




Developing Gross and fine motor skills to be able to develop their ability to play a variety of sports, demonstrating teamwork and leadership.  As well as creating opportunities to improve their fitness, health and physical well-being.


Accreditation: OCR Entry Level 1 – 3

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award: Completion of skills towards Bronze Award.  



Cycle 3: Example of Subject Intent linked to Thematic Learning



Wonderful World: Sport outside, mindfulness starters.

Peer/ Self-assessment/ Targets.


Treasure Seekers: Pirate theme starters – dances – orienteering

Peer/ Self-assessment/ Targets.


Home- Sweet- Home: Healthy plate (home cooked meals)

Peer/ Self-assessment/ Targets.


Roots – Shoots – Muddy Boots: Outdoor sports – football, basketball.

Peer/ Self-assessment/ Targets.


BEE Happy: Animal movement starters and exercises.

Peer/ Self-assessment/ Targets.


Winning and Losing: Developing pupils’ ability to be resilient/ modest around winning/losing.  Sports week focus: competitive intra School competitions.

Peer/ Self-assessment/ Targets.


Cross-curricular Links

How does PE support this?

English Skills



Development of subject specific vocabulary relevant to learning activity, as well as thematic vocabulary where relevant. 

Pupils have regular opportunities to practice their speaking and listening skills.

Maths Skills



Number is used regularly as is the skills of sorting and organising. 

Develop understanding of object permanence. Ordinal number used in different athletic events, time and timers regularly used in lessons.

SMSC and British Values



Spiritual: PE and sport encourages the development of personal values and beliefs and an understanding of feelings and emotions by; attending different sporting events both at School and other establishments, and also supports building confidence and resilience by the competitive nature of some fixtures we attend.                                                                                                                                 Moral: We encourage recognising right and wrong and play games and sports that have rules, which we teach, and play to. We also encourage the expression and development of personal views and opinions in PE lessons through the questioning of our pupil’s.                                                                                             Cultural: Our pupil’s develop culturally through sport by; exploring and respecting diversity in the sports we play.                                                                                Social: We develop our pupil’s socially through sport by attending fixtures against pupils from other Schools, playing competitive and semi competitive matches during lessons and giving opportunity to play sport during play times. This gives our pupil’s the opportunities to use and develop social skills, to cooperate and resolve conflicts with others and to be part of a team.                                           British values: We encourage British values in all that we do in PE at Winchelsea. We do this in a number of ways, such as; encouraging democracy and the rule of law with everybody having a voice (through the sports council) and the right to play a fair game.



Several staff teach PE across the school led by the PE coordinator Mr A. Dunnachie.

The curriculum involves differentiated delivery for all curriculum areas and runs from our EYFS class through to Year 11.  In KS 4 pupils take accreditations.

Throughout the whole school, all pupils take part in ‘Wake up Shake up’ for 15 minutes, five mornings a week. This involves a variety of structured activities including; wake and shake cardio and dance, run/walk around the field, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and a variety of class based yoga exercise activities.

We are also extremely lucky to have an outside gym, which is used by pupils during wake and shake, at playtimes and during certain lessons. This is also used for some pupils as part of their behavioural support programmes.

Curriculum Support

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings we have two targeted pupil groups.  Tuesday groups focus is to develop motor skills, PE enjoyment and engagement, and hand eye coordination. Our Thursday group supports our gifted and talented pupils by developing skills in specific areas, often building up to a competitive fixture we have approaching with the team representing Winchelsea.

Celebration and Achievements

Achieving Sports Mark – GOLD AWARD

At Winchelsea we aim to participate in as many sporting fixtures and experiences as we can. This is demonstrated in our recent achievement of the Gold Award, Summer 2019.

Duke of Edinburgh Award: Bronze

This is delivered in school for the first time this year.  Pupils enjoyed a day led by experts learning new camp-craft skills, complete a period of time volunteering, a physical activity, learn or take up a new skill and then complete the two day expedition.

School Games: At Winchelsea School we play a lot of competitive sport and have represented the county in both Boccia and Table Cricket at the regional finals since 2018. We also took part in sitting volleyball – winning first place, athletics, and the schools swimming gala – also winning first place.  

2018 - we were the first special school to participate in the Can Do Games hosted by Rockley, achieving good results in sailing and canoeing.

Competitive Sport: The Inclusion League

We have set-up an Inclusion League for sporting competitions to work with 5 other local mainstream and special schools on a regular basis.  Each year we take part in several competitions including; New Age Kurling, Seated Volleyball, Football, Boccia and Table Cricket.  This is a fantastic opportunity for our pupil’s to work with other pupils and experience competitive sport in a calm and supportive environment, it is also great preparation for Regional and School Games competitions.

Celebrating National Sports week

Each summer we mark national sports week by having a week of sport and experiences for all pupils. The activities are fully inclusive and provide opportunities for pupils to experience sports that may not ordinarily appear on our curriculum. It is a very successful week and engagement within the activities is always very high.

During the week we hold our annual primary/secondary sports day and our sports experience for our younger pupils.

Special events: We mark special events at Winchelsea and have held several sporting events to raise money for charities. These events have included; everyone at Winchelsea running/walking a mile for sport relief, a staff v pupils cricket match and football matches for UNICEF awareness.

Lunchtime sports: We encourage pupils to remain active during breaks and lunchtime play. To this end we have AFC Bournemouth come in and deliver football sessions on the field for both our primary and secondary pupils in 6 week blocks. We also offer a range of sport on the playground ranging from basketball to boccia.

Yoga Programme: We are supported in our Yoga programme by an external provider who gives support for pupils recognised through OT or Physiotherapy programmes as needing further development of core stability and movement skills as well as supporting pupils with mental-health and well-being.

See Sports Premium Information for further information on use of funding.

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