Our Curriculum


Our curriculum gives our pupil’s broad and balanced opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills in preparation for life beyond school.   The curriculum promotes pupils ’academic and personal development and enables pupils to develop their independence to take their next steps with confidence and resilience to cope with their new challenges.’

Curriculum Intent

Our thematic curriculum enables pupil to embed concepts and create deeper learning across the curriculum. The theme brings creativity, fun, practical learning experiences, excitement and where relevant an opportunity to contextualize learning.

Personal Development

The Personal Development of pupils is an integral part of our curriculum through the various aspects of RE and PSHE which, when also includes ‘drop-days’ to give greater focus to some topics covered. Our assemblies and ‘Thought of the Week’ enable the whole school to learn, think of others and reflect on different aspects of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural experiences as well as incorporating the British Values.

Physical activity in and beyond the classroom further promotes Personal Development as well as supporting pupils mental health and well-being. We recognize the relevance of daily exercise in our pupils’ lives and therefore we provide daily opportunities to access physical movement either through the Move and Groove program or through movement breaks, linked to our Stormbreak program. Our Physical Activity program includes Sports Week which celebrates a variety of new experiences for pupils as well as providing opportunities to promote mental health and well-being. The Arts are celebrated throughout school and used as a vehicle to develop our SMSC. ‘Creative Arts Week’ enables the whole school to develop projects and skills and experience working with other professionals. All these curriculum areas and opportunities supports the all-round development of our pupils.

Thought for the Week

During Monday assembly a Thought for the Week is introduced. This is usually through a short video message. Pupils discuss this thought every day in class before feeding back their thoughts during assembly on Friday.

Through ‘Thought for the Week’ pupils at Winchelsea are gaining knowledge and understanding of not just religious concepts these are also concepts that support the growth of our pupils social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding. This is evident through the regular conversations being had with pupils.     

Speech and Language

We recognise that our pupil’s need help to enable them to communicate their wants and needs in the most effective way, our Speech and Language Therapy Team support all the communication needs of our pupil’s and work effectively with our teachers to embed this into the pupils everyday learning.

Curriculum Lead:

Hannah Parry

Deputy Headteacher

[email protected] .sch.uk

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