My World

My World: History, Geography and Science 


My World brings together History, Geography and Science to be one of the driving forces of the thematic curriculum. Our curriculum focusses on the areas of History, Geography and Science that we feel are the most important for our pupil’s to learn and understand about their World, particularly their local World around them.

  • Pupils develop an understanding of the World around them.
  • Pupils have opportunities to explore their local area.
  • Pupils become inquisitive about their World.
  • Pupils have opportunities to take part in practical experiments and outdoor learning to support understanding and encourage their skills to question and enquire.
  • Pupils develop Knowledge and are able to recall information.

Curriculum Intent

The curriculum delivery will depend upon the curriculum pathway and level of learning that the pupil is working within.

Explorers and Seekers

In the Explorers and Seekers classes learning is based on the Readiness for Further Learning ‘The World around us’.  Pupils explore their learning and their local environment to become familiar with places, routines and procedures so that they can feel safe interacting and exploring the World around them.  In these classes pupils will begin to develop their knowledge and understanding of their school and local community.


My World in the Discoverers Curriculum follows the half termly theme and is based on developing an understanding of My World around me.  It does not specifically look at History, Geography or Science but allows pupils to explore key life skills within the topics through visiting local places and identifying objects to develop their understanding through practical opportunities within school and their community.



Pupils complete a six week programme of learning based on the topic, this will either be from History, Geography or Science.  It takes the relevant aspects of the lower National Curriculum skills in order to give our pupil’s the key skills they need to have some understanding of the wider World put into a context that is relevant for our pupil’s. We aim to encourage enquiring minds and develop elements of Science that will help them to engage in their World around them.


KS 4

In KS 4 pupils develop aspects of these skills through the thematic curriculum as they continue to learn and understand the wider world through our My World curriculum.


Cycle 2: Subject Intent linked to Thematic Learning



Amazing Animals: Science

Observe, categorise and sort different animals. Where do animals get their food, what is a wild animal? Understanding how we care for animals. 


-Pupil work/ photograph

-Evidence of learning sheet per pupil for each half term. 

-Pupils levelled against

the relevant ladder statement in the subject area: History – Geography – Science



Toys: History

Toys and the importance of sharing and turn taking.  Understanding the difference between old and new. Explore what toys looked like in Victorian times, how did children play then? Can pupils make and create toys, how do they move? What food did they eat? Look at how they spent their time – compare with how you spend your time now as families.


Living My Best Life: Geography

Understanding what is in our local area, using simple maps to explore the local area to understand some of the physical features. Visit different places in the local area and understand where it is on a map. 


Let’s Go: History

Different forms of transport.  Experience different types of transport – what is available to us now, how does it help us live our lives? Transport and its effect on the environment.  How can we look after the environment as we use different transport?


Wonderful Weather: Science

Understanding the difference between hot and cold –what do I wear? What do I need? Understanding the different seasons and investigate weather patterns. Is global warming affecting our weather?  Some pupils will look at the water cycle.  How is our weather different to other parts of the World? 


In the Zone: Science – link to PSHE/ PE

Humans – understanding our body parts and their functions. The importance of looking after our bodies through exercise. Considering the food we eat, and how it affects our bodies.  Understanding how exercise can make us feel.  

Cross-curricular links

How does My World support this?


Science: Experimenting, questioning and experiencing practical activities that develop understanding of the World around them.

Technology: The use and understanding of a variety of equipment to support experiments and practical

Engineering: Developing an understanding of how man-made machines and structures, like cars, planes, robots and buildings, work.

Arts: The development of Art and music where appropriate to support understanding of the My World content

Maths: Linking Maths and Science together to help make sense of the World around them.

English Skills



Reading instructions: Reading information and stories that are related to the My World theme, close links with English to support the learning to make stories meaningful to the theme. There are many opportunities for pupils to develop their reading skills.

Writing: Completing written tasks within My World content.  Developing writing skills, being able to write well-structured sentences and show awareness of spellings about my adventures in the local community.  

Speaking and Listening – Topic discussion, surveys. Talking to and listening to unfamiliar people whilst on trips in the local community.  Learning to talk about what I see and hear whilst out and about.  Understanding what things are so that I can tell people about my experiences.

Maths Skills


Collating, sorting and counting relevant information about a topic.

Understanding patterns, using number to collate information and statistics to compare information.

SMSC and British Values



Moral: understanding how we look after our World and each other.  Understanding that we treat nature and each other with kindness so that everyone is able to flourish and develop to their potential.

Social: Understanding that there are certain expectations on behaviour towards each other, different social groups and when out and about on school visits to respond appropriately towards others.  

Cultural: Learning about different cultures and traditions, showing respect for different cultures. Understanding why people have different ways of living and respecting their beliefs.

British Values: Understanding what it is to be British and through trips and visits how we can further understand the World around us to be able to cope and thrive in our local community.

Extended Opportunities/ Celebration:

Exciting starters and fab finishes to share and celebrate the topic learning with the whole school and parents.  

It is paramount to this area of the curriculum that there are opportunities to have visitors come in to school relevant to each theme and take trips and visits out into the local community to develop pupils understanding of the World around them.

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