Equality Action Plan

WINCHELSEA SCHOOL EQUALITY ACTION PLAN 2019– 2022                                                                                                                                                       

This plan will be reviewed annually in the Spring Term 

Principles (taken from the Equality Policy)



Time Scale

Success Criteria

Outcome and Impact for Pupils


All learners are of equal value

Track progress across a wide range of cohorts ie gender, ethnicity, level of need, socio economic groups etc.



Analyse data to identify gaps in learning and trends. Ensure interventions are put in place to close these gaps.


Ensure that displays celebrate successes of all pupils regardless of ability.









Staff as appropriate





All staff















Progress and attainment will be evident for all pupils and comparisons will have been made between cohorts.


Any gaps in progress and attainment will have been identified and interventions implemented.


Displays around school will show achievement of all pupils.

All pupils achieve in external accreditations, where appropriate.


All pupils successfully identify an appropriate pathway beyond Winchelsea.


The school environment reflects our aims and celebrates our pupils’ success.


We recognise and respect difference

Apply for and then work towards the Rights Respecting Schools Silver Award.


Ensure assembly themes cover topics around respect and prejudice.




Invite ex Winchelsea pupils to work with current pupils as positive role models.

Behaviour Leader












Senior Leadership Team














The school will have reached the standard to achieve the award.



The assembly rota will have the breadth to ensure coverage of topics around respect and prejudice.


Ex Winchelsea pupils will have worked alongside our pupils to inspire and challenge.






The assembly rota now reflects our Thematic approach to the curriculum and provides a wide range of opportunities for discussion.

We employ a former pupil as an apprentice.


We foster positive attitudes and relationships and a shared sense of cohesion and belonging

Audit curriculum to ensure sufficient coverage of appropriate PHSE learning.

Deputy Headteacher

PHSE Leader


Curriculum will have been audited and any gaps identified and addressed.

The whole school curriculum has been amended and now reflects a wider breadth of coverage for PSHE.


Pupils have a greater range of opportunities to prepare them for adult life.


We observe good equalities in staff recruitment, retention and development

Ensure job description and person specifications for jobs are not gender biased.


Selection panels will always have at least one person who has undertaken Safer Recruitment Training.


Our actions with staff are always guided by our Public Sector Equality Duty.



Enable opportunities for all staff across the school to undertake professional development irrespective of role.

Headteacher / School Business Manager










Headteacher / School Business Manager





Senior Leadership Team



















Job descriptions will not be gender biased.




At least one member of any selection panel will have had Safer Recruitment Training.



We have a range of policies in place  designed to reinforce our obligations in this regard.


All staff at all levels will have undertaken training on at least an annual basis.

All actions are now in place and processes are subject to appropriate guidance, such as Safer Recruitment.


We consult and involve widely

Undertake questionnaires with all parents and carers.







Undertake pupil questionnaires on a range of topics ensuring accessibility for all.


EYFS Leader (transition)








Behaviour Leader










At least annually

An annual questionnaire will have been sent to all parents and carers. Results will be analysed and a commentary back to parents and carers will have been provided.


An annual questionnaire will have been completed by all pupils. Results will be analysed and any areas for development will be identified and acted upon.



We address prejudice and prejudice related bullying

Continue to monitor all incidents of prejudice and bullying.




Ensure curriculum has sufficient coverage of prejudice related topics.



Whole school to take part in anti-bullying week activities.




Ensure assembly themes cover topics around respect and prejudice.




Ensure an assembly on bullying takes place at least annually.


Participate in Borough wide anti-bullying conferences.

Behaviour Leader






Deputy Headteacher





Behaviour Leader














Behaviour Leader




Staff supporting School Council (LB, AB)
































Number of incidents will be known. Any trends or patterns will be identified and addressed.


Curriculum will have been audited and any gaps identified and addressed.


All pupils will have taken part in activities related to anti bullying. Number of incidents recorded will continue to be minimal.


The assembly rota will have the breadth to ensure coverage of topics around respect and prejudice.


An assembly will have taken place annually on bullying.


Pupils will have taken part in Borough wide activities.

The school regularly takes part in local schemes and this will be on-going.


Society as a whole should benefit

Actively seek opportunities for Winchelsea pupils to participate with special and mainstream schools in:

·         Sporting activities

·         Creative arts activities

·         School Council activities







PE Coordinator

Arts teachers


Staff supporting School Council (LB, AB)








Pupils will have taken part in activities with other establishments and in so doing will have supported the reduction of any potential barriers that exist between pupils with and without additional needs.

We have now secured –


Arts Award

School Games – Gold

School Environment – Gold Award



The setting of objectives

Review action plan annually focusing on impact on pupils.



Action plan will be thoroughly reviewed annually.

This is an ongoing piece of work.




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