Equality Action Plan

 WINCHELSEA SCHOOL EQUALITY ACTION PLAN 2022-2025                                                                                                                                                          


The Headteacher will review this plan annually in the Spring Term. This review will focus on the impact of the actions on the pupils.


Principles (taken from the Equality Policy)



Time Scale

Success Criteria

Outcome and Impact for Pupils

All learners are of equal value.

Track progress across a wide range of cohorts, such as gender, ethnicity, level of need, socio-economic groups.


Analyse data to identify gaps in learning and trends. Ensure interventions are implemented to close these gaps.



Assessment Lead





Staff as appropriate


Curriculum Lead











Progress and attainment will be evident for all pupils and comparisons will have been made between cohorts.


Any gaps in progress and attainment will have been identified and interventions implemented.

All pupils achieve in external accreditations, where appropriate.


All pupils successfully identify an appropriate pathway beyond Winchelsea.


The school environment reflects our aims and celebrates our pupils’ success.

We recognise and respect difference

Ensure curriculum themes cover elements of respect and rights


Ensure curriculum themes cover topics around respect and prejudice.


Ensure Post 16 pupils make an active contribution to school as positive role models. 

Curriculum Lead




Curriculum Lead




Post 16 Lead










The themes will have the breadth to ensure coverage of topics around respect and prejudice.





Post 16 are given areas of leadership within school

Pupils have an awareness and tolerance for others.


Content is clearly identified and given curriculum time for coverage.


Pupils are good role models and show respect for others through their everyday actions.


We foster positive attitudes and relationships and a shared sense of cohesion and belonging

Ensure the PSHE curriculum includes sufficient coverage of appropriate learning.

Curriculum Lead


PHSE Leader


PSHE Curriculum will show a logical and  sequenced plan with any gaps identified and addressed.

Pupils have a good understanding of how to build and sustain positive relationships with others.

Admissions and Exclusions

Admissions are fair and transparent and do not discriminate on race, gender, disability or socio-economic factors.


Exclusions will always be based on the school’s Behaviour Policy.



AHT – Admissions












Pupils enter school based on their learning needs.



Exclusions are used minimally when behaviour is deemed unsafe for the child and the school

All pupils have equal access to our school, curriculum and support.



When the placement is deemed no longer suitable for a pupil.

Pupils are guided to make helpful choices.

We observe equality in staff recruitment, retention and development

Ensure job description and person specifications for jobs are not gender biased.


Selection panels will always have at least one person who has undertaken ‘Safer Recruitment’ Training.


Our actions with staff are always guided by our Public Sector Equality Duty.



All staff to take part in a review focussing on their strengths and areas for development. This will also be an opportunity to raise awareness of school priorities.



Staff audit to identify strengths and needs






Enable opportunities for all staff across the school to undertake professional development irrespective of role.


Headteacher / School Business Manager








Headteacher / School Business Manager




Curriculum Lead /CPD Lead









CPD lead







CPD Lead















Annually – Easter









Job descriptions will not be gender biased.



At least one member of any selection panel will have had Safer Recruitment Training.


We have a range of policies in place designed to reinforce our obligations in this regard.


All staff have clear objectives to support their development. 

Information on areas for development are fed back to CPD lead.




We have a good understanding of staff capabilities and how to support and progress their development.



All staff at all levels will have undertaken training appropriate to their need and development.


Staff are recruited for the skills they have relevant for the role they will be undertaking.

Training enables a fair process to take place.




Staff have a good understanding of the process and feel that our actions are fair.


All staff are working towards achieving school priorities and self-development.






Pupils receive good support.  Staff are developed to attain their potential.




Training is up to date and logged appropriately. Staff take an active role in self-improvement.


We consult and involve the school community widely

Parents receive updates on curriculum focus. 


Parents receive class news on class learning activities


Parent Meetings inform parents of individual progress twice a year.



Pupil questionnaire’s on a range of topics ensuring accessibility for all.




Parents are surveyed during the year on a range of topics to gain their views.



School Council

Curriculum Lead







Assessment Lead











Sandra Matthews




Participation Team

Half termly


















At least annually




Parents have a good understanding of the learning that is taking place.



Parents have a good understanding of their child’s progress.



Results will be analysed and the school has a good understanding of parent, carers and pupil voice. 



Areas identified and acted upon.




Pupils meet weekly and discuss current issues and projects.

Parents are able to support their child’s learning through have good knowledge of the curriculum coverage.


Parents and teachers work together to make sure the pupil makes good progress.


Pupils are given feedback and the school will act on feedback and take appropriate action to make changes where deemed necessary.


Parents and are given feedback of actions and changes being made.


Pupils have a voice in the school – their ideas are shared and acted upon.

We address prejudice and prejudice related bullying

Continue to monitor all incidents of prejudice and bullying.



Ensure curriculum has sufficient coverage of topics related to equality and prejudice.


Whole school to take part in anti-bullying week activities.




Ensure assembly themes cover topics around respecting all members of the community irrespective of race, gender, disability and social-economic factors.


Thought for the Week encourages topics to be covered in greater depth



Ensure an assembly on anti-bullying takes place at least annually.


Participate in Borough wide anti-bullying conferences.

Participation Leader





Curriculum Lead





Participation Leader






Curriculum Lead/ Post 16 Lead








RE/ Curriculum Lead/ Post 16 lead




Staff supporting School Council (AB/JO)



Participation Lead



























Number of incidents will be known. Any trends or patterns will be identified and addressed.


Curriculum will have been audited and any gaps identified and addressed.



All pupils will have taken part in activities related to anti bullying. Number of incidents recorded will continue to be minimal.


The assembly rota will have the breadth to ensure coverage of topics around respect and prejudice.





TftW has a breadth of coverage and promotes discussion.



An assembly will have taken place annually on anti-bullying.


Pupils will have taken part in Borough wide activities.

Pupils, where possible and relevant, have a good understanding of how to be respectful to others. 


They understand what bullying is and where to get help if they needed to.








Staff across the school and classes take an active role in assemblies during the year.







Pupils are able to share their thoughts and feelings with others.



Pupils are able to work with other organisations to share ideas and understand more about how to be respectful of others (Diana Award)


Society as a whole should benefit



Actively seek opportunities for Winchelsea pupils to participate with special and mainstream schools in:


·         Sporting activities

·         Creative arts activities

·         School Council activities

·         STEAM Opportunities

·         Work Experience



Opportunities for pupils to work with the wider community.






Curriculum Lead – DHT

PE Lead

Creative Arts Team

Staff supporting School Council (AB/ JO)


Careers Lead 










Pupils will have taken part in activities with other establishments and in so doing will have supported the reduction of any potential barriers that exist between pupils with and without additional needs.

Creative Arts Week - working with the community.  Local artists visiting school, Links with Lighthouse.


PE: School Games – Gold. Pupils enter local and national competitions for sport through school games, and local events. PE competitions with satellite host schools.


Attend the Diana Award with local schools.

STEAM and Work Experience: opportunities to engage with employers and employees, learn about work and industry.